Why Concords?

Why Concords?

Concord grapes are American hybrids and well known for their sweet old-timey flavor and nutritious deep purple skins high in antioxidants. Versatile Concords and Niagaras are great for fresh eating, as well as juice, jam, and wine making.

Concords and Niagaras are “slip skin” grapes, and offer a unique eating experience totally different from Europen-type grocery store grapes. One way to eat this type of grape is to hold a single berry with your fingers, squeeze the berry firmly into your mouth to get all the juice, and swallow the pulp whole, including the seeds, and then chew the skin for maximum nutritional content.

Concord grapes are grown on their own root stock, unlike many European varieties, and are therefore more well adapted to our mid-Atlantic climate and disease pressures.

Hauling freshly picked grapes in the 1960's. Wenger Grapes.
Hauling freshly picked grapes in the 1960’s.

Header image by Allison Profetta.