Finding our grapes

Finding our grapes

At the Farm – Pick Your Own and Fresh Picked: Concord and Niagara grapes are available in season at the farm. Our season typically begins around Labor Day in early September and lasts three to four weeks. The farm stand at Wenger Grapes is open Monday-Saturday, 8 am until dark, in season. Closed Sundays. Current PRICES.

For those interested in picking their own, we have carts for moving the grapes from the vineyard, picking containers to pick into, and picking shears available. We also keep on hand a supply of cardboard boxes for customers to transport the grapes they purchase. Picking grapes is great outdoor fun for the whole family!

If you want fresh grapes already picked, please give us a call for orders over one bushel to ensure we have them ready for you when you arrive.

A busy day Wenger Grapes' farm stand where Pick Your Own customers transfer their grapes from baskets into boxes. Gardenway carts are used to haul haul baskets to and from the field.
A busy day for Pick Your Own customers at the farm

Farmers Markets: We sell grapes locally at the Charlottesville City Market on Saturday mornings in September, at the Stuarts Draft Farm Market, and at Agriberry farm stands around Richmond.

Concord, Niagara and Delaware grapes ready for Charlottesville's City Market.
Concord, Niagara and Delaware grapes ready for Charlottesville’s City Market

Grocery Stores: Our grapes can often be found in season at local grocers Greenwood Gourmet Grocery and Crozet Market in Crozet, Rebecca’s Natural Food and Feast! in Charlottesville, Friendly City Food Co-op in Harrisonburg, and often at Food Lion, Whole Foods, Martins, Giant, and H-Marts in Virginia and surrounding areas.

Wenger concord grapes ready for market. 1 quart clamshell. Slipskin grapes grown in Viginia's Shenandoah Valley
Concord grapes ready for a local grocer

Wholesale orders – for eating: We sell direct to buyers as well as through produce distributors The Local Food Hub in Charlottesville, VA and Produce Source Partners in Ashland, VA. Contact us for more information.

Wholesale orders – for wine and vinegar: We sell direct to wineries and buyers. Contact us for more information.

Concord grapes ready for wine

Pick-up Locations: Over the years, we have had a number of folks in various communities take orders of Concord and Niagara grapes in their area, and coordinate payment and delivery. We deliver pre-ordered freshly picked grapes to these locations on the specified delivery date.

Newport News
CONTACT: Susan Ackerman (Yoder) – phone: 757-877-9113 or email:
PICK-UP LOCATION: 524 Marlin Drive, Newport News, VA 23602
PICK-UP DATE: Sept. 13
PRICE PER PECK (10-lb box): $18

CONTACT: Sharon Oliver – phone: 804-418-1165 or email:
PRICE PER PECK (10-lb box):

Prince Edward County
CONTACT: Kortney Hayes – phone: 304-520-8802 or email:
PICK-UP LOCATION: Prince Edward Career and Technical Center FFA Shop Door
PICK-UP DATE: Sept. 9, 4-8pm and Sept. 10, 8am-8pm
PRICE PER PECK (10-lb box): $30
Website for online payment:

Northern Virginia/Fairfax Station
CONTACT: Woosoo Park – phone: 703-946-8894 or email:
PRICE PER PECK (10-lb box):

Enjoying the afternoon sun and views of the Blue Ridge Mts from Wenger Grapes. Family activities. Vineyard
Enjoying the afternoon sun and views of the Blue Ridge Mts from Wenger Grapes

Header image by Allison Profetta.