Already Picked

We keep on hand already picked grapes for customers that come. Our grapes are sold by the pound. Some of our customers drop by to purchase a hand full of grapes to eat, while others may pick up several bushels at a time. We recommend that folks give us a call for orders over a bushel. This gives us time to get them picked and have them ready for picking up. Check out our Already Picked PRICES for the current year.

Pick Your Own (PYO)

For those interested in picking their own, we have carts for moving the grapes from the vineyard, picking containers to pick into, and picking shears available. We also keep on hand a supply of cardboard boxes for customers to transport the grapes they purchase. We have found that customers enjoy picking their own grapes. Many make it a family affair, as it is a great way to enjoy nature and breathe fresh air in a farming atmosphere. PYO is also a great way to save money on the purchase. Check out our PYO PRICES for the current year.

Webpage Orders

Over the years, we have had a number of folks, in various communities throughout the state and neighboring states, take half bushel orders of Concord and Niagara grapes in their area. Some folks do this only as a service to their family and friends while others actually make a business of it, acting as a middle person. They take the orders and handle the grapes when customers arrive to pick them up. We deliver freshly picked grapes to these locations on the specified delivery date. Information for placing an order, delivery date, maps, and prices for each PICK-UP LOCATION are available.

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